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Services & Process

Your business is unique, so your bookkeeping services should be too. Prior to working with my clients, I meet to establish the best services required to meet your specific needs.

Services I Offer

Monthly General Support

As the key to successful bookkeeping is consistency and accuracy, I offer recurring monthly services that cover the bookkeeping basics for your business. ​

  • Reconcile your bank, credit card, and loan accounts

  • Allocate income to reflect the difference between what went into the bank and what your billing company provided A/R report shows

  • Produce a Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Medical Specialized Bookkeeping

As a specialist in bookkeeping within the medical industry, I understand the ins and outs of healthcare facility finances and standard bookkeeping practices. I work seamlessly with front office teams and practice managers and CPA's to to ensure everyone is on the same page. I also facilitate general ledger management and accounts payable and receivable, while being compliant with medical industry bookkeeping specifications.

Payroll Reconciliation

Each month, I will use your payroll company's reports to ensure wages and taxes are properly allocated into your business' Quickbooks account.


With over 10 years of professional bookkeeping experience, especially in the medical industry, I understand the importance of proper Quickbooks management with regard to payroll wages and tax reporting – and uniquely offer peace of mind for my clients in this area.

Accounts Payable

Maintaining positive relationships with vendors is important and staying organized with regard to your accounts payable is a helpful way to do so. I will enter bills that you receive from vendors. On a schedule that you set, I can prepare the payments for you through your banks billpay system or through If you choose, I can send you an accounts payable aging report each month.

Accounts Receivable

Feeling confident about your cash flow and the organization of your accounts receivable leads to a more accurate financial picture for your business. Each month I will download your monthly deposits into Quickbooks. I will then use your A/R report from your billing company to see how your deposits compare to your A/R report. This will help to see if your collections are timely.

Class Tracking

I offer class tracking for practices with multiple locations. This allows me to allocate income and expenses to multiple locations all within the same QuickBooks file. For example, for a doctor with a practice in Spokane, Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene, I could differentiate the income and expenses of each branch within a single Quickbooks file. This way, the doctor could see how each practice is performing all in the same file.  

Pen and folders

How Virtual Bookkeeping Works.

Of the many benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping services, the ease of virtual services is among the best. You can email me your statements or share them via Dropbox or another file sharing service. I will processes them each month keeping your books up to date and accurate – virtually.

Why is Bookkeeping Important?

Clearly understand your financial picture.


As a business owner it is important for you to know at any given point in time who owes you money and what bills are outstanding so you can make sound business decisions.

Staying up to date and accurate.


Sometimes you need to be dynamic with your finances. Being up to date and accurate with your books is essential when you need financing or are applying for credit.

Being prepared for end of year & tax time.


Being properly organized with your books and keeping them consistent and accurate will make it easier for your CPA or tax specialist at year end and tax time. 

Work Desk
"Jennifer has been providing my practice with ongoing bookkeeping services for the past six years. She is accurate, timely, conscientious and thorough.  I recommend her to anyone looking for a quality professional bookkeeper."

Dr. Patrick Hogan, co-founder AZ Pain Doctors

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